“Puberty is the stage wherein growth and changes in body parts occur. This stage usually happens between the ages 10 to 16. During this period, boys and girls experience body changes. It is also during puberty that their sex organs mature. Boys and girls slowly develop into young adolescents. They are not adults and not even children.” Science and Health Grade 5

Our Science class started with this lesson on puberty. Coby showed enthusiasm about the topic because he knows he is already going thorough that stage in his growth. He shared with me that though he doesn’t notice any physical changes yet as he is only 10, he says he is experiencing some emotional changes. He told me that sometimes he doesn’t like to play with his old toys and would rather do something else. He also added that every time I call his attention or ask him to do something, he does not complain anymore and just obeys. He claims that it is because he is “maturing”. In fairness, he does obey right away and does things independently now. He even helps out a lot without being asked.

He has also read his Human Body mini encyclopedia last Christmas and is quite familiar with the terms already and the anatomy. I had no problem talking about this topic with him.

The next lesson was about the male reproductive system. I am not that comfortable talking to him about this so i asked my husband to do the lesson with him. And besides I was out if the house that day, so my husband really had to teach it.

This morning we had to continue the same lesson but when I was pre reading the lesson, I had to explain the functions of the male rep system! My husband was busy that I had no choice but teach it to him and I had to do scientifically and with a straight face. I was reminded to connect the lesson with how God designed the human body. He made male and female so unique and so specific that His purposes for them are to be completed when a man and a woman or husband and wife come together.

I told him that there will be no reproduction of humans unless the male and female system unite. To my surprise, he knew that too. He said that he saw it in his book and described the female reproductive system as well. He added that the male part would fit the female part. It was purely Science to this boy, no biggie! And to think that I was the one who was too chicken to talk about it 🙁

Well, the reproductive system lesson continues and I know that questions would continue to play in his mind. I pray that I would be just be like him, scientific in approach and understanding, no biggie

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