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2014 Book Fair On a Shoestring Budget Plus Great Homeschool Finds


On the sixth year of my family’s pilgrimage to the Manila International Book Fair, we not only bought quality books and magazines but inexpensive homeschool finds as well. We didn’t want to miss this year’s event so we had to tightly hold on to our wallets and close our eyes on some items. As we […] Read more…

Homemade Exams


It’s crunch time for this homeschool mama. After celebrating my 41st birthday last Sunday, I’ve been glued to my chair preparing the kids’ first quarter exams.  If you’re not a homeschooler and you’re reading this post, you might ask, do homeschoolers have exams too? Yes, we do have exams, quizzes, and projects too. To the […] Read more…

Homeschool Crossroad


The homeschooling journey of our eldest child stands at a crossroad. Let me give you a background… When friends and family ask me how long I intend to homeschool the kids, I don’t give them a definite answer because I too have no clue as to how long. A very wise consultant advised me not […] Read more…

Training for Life


Training is defined by Webster as a process by which someone is taught the skills that are needed for art, profession or job. Athletes go through training to prepare them for a competition. Everyone goes through training whatever our background is. And the cool thing about it is that learning and training never stops. There […] Read more…

Math For You and Me


Coby, our fifth-grader, has used three different Math curricula for the past five years. First grade it was Lifepac, then followed by a local textbook called Realistic Math for two grade levels. For the fourth grade, we tried Singapore Math’s My Pals Are Here and Lifepac again. At the end of his fourth grade, I was […] Read more…

You’ve Got Mail Part 2


Last month, I posted You’ve Got Mail wherein I shared the kids letter-writing/postal mail adventure. They were eager to drop their letters to my mom and my father-in-law in that huge metal mailbox. Today, the kids got a pleasant surprise. They received a letter from their Grandpa in the mail! They were excited to open it themselves […] Read more…

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