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An Update on Changing Family Rules


I shared in my previous post that my husband and I decided to change one rule in the house. We changed the kids’ computer/gadget use from weekends only to TWO HOURS, Mondays through Fridays. This Saturday was the first weekend the kids had no digital indulgence. Their obedience was set to the test because Peewee and I were also […] Read more…

When It’s Time to Change the Rules


When Coby started to get a kick out of the digital world, Peewee and I imposed some rules about computer/gadget use. We saw that there was a NEED to limit his use of technology. To years ago, the rule was only one hour of computer daily. Eventually, he has discovered new games and has developed technical skills that would […] Read more…

You’ve Got Mail Part 2


Last month, I posted You’ve Got Mail wherein I shared the kids letter-writing/postal mail adventure. They were eager to drop their letters to my mom and my father-in-law in that huge metal mailbox. Today, the kids got a pleasant surprise. They received a letter from their Grandpa in the mail! They were excited to open it themselves […] Read more…

The Silence of the Mom


I have been under the weather since Friday. I came home from a coop meeting with colds and a splitting headache. Today, I am coughing incessantly that I avoided talking.  As much as I want to tell the kids what to do or reprimand them, I resulted to pointing and whispering  instructions. They thought I was […] Read more…

Sleeping like Angels


When we moved out of my parents’ home a couple of years ago, we specifically looked for a two-bedroom house to rent. The kids should have their own room because it’s difficult to squeeze in four individuals in one room. At first, Coby and Jianne were excited to set up their room. We placed their beds in […] Read more…

Kids Feel Loved When We Speak in their Love Language


Gary Chapman’s  “The Five Love Languages”  has helped me understand how I want to be loved and how I can show love to my husband. In his book, he says that there are five love languages people speak, whether it be giving or receiving love. These  are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service and […] Read more…

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