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Support Local Businesses This Christmas


The Christmas countdown begins! Have you considered supporting local businesses this year? As early as September, these business owners are hard at work filling in orders for their clients. Setting up a small business is not easy. I am aware of the sleepless nights, aching backs, tired legs, sweat and tears these business owners go through […] Read more…

Clean Up and Simplify Life


Are you the kind of mom who keeps all her kids’ artwork, letters, baby teeth, baby hair etc.? Do you still keep your high school/college memorabilia like the class shirt signed by your crush, old class cards, letters from ex-boyfriends or pressed flowers? Why do you still keep them? It’s hard to let go, right? But […] Read more…

A Braid of Three Strands


It’s Valentines on Sunday and I had no intention of writing a love-themed post…Until our 9-year-old daughter asked me to take a photo of the bracelets she created. What do these bracelets had to do with Valentines? Let me explain… Her Papa taught her how to braid using three different colored yarns. She tried and eventually […] Read more…

Countdown to Christmas


As of writing, our daughter Jianne says that there are only 48 days till Christmas! Waking up in the morning gets a little harder these days. The cool breeze makes you want to pull back the blanket and go back to sleep. Christmas trees and assorted decor fill the aisles of our local bookstore. The […] Read more…

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