My husband and I are blessed to have a boy and a girl. it’s fun to see them grow up. Coby, who just turned 10 last April 5, is becoming more mature in his ways. He is more confident and at times makes decisions for himself. He used to go with us to the supermarket during weekends but now he would rather stay in his grandfather’s house and play with his friends. He speaks up though not to the point of answering back, thank God!

Jianne, on the other hand, is 6 1/2 and maturing too quite fast. She is the girly, princess-type. She likes dresses and putting on make up and times she gives me a “makeover”. Whenever I get the chance to go the salon, she would be right there with me choosing my nail color. She also asserts herself. She can be stubborn too but she knows how to get out of a “sticky situation”.

In the afternoons, they would always go outside to play with the neighborhood kids. Coby would be riding his bike with his friend while Jianne would either be riding her bike too or scooter.

One afternoon, Jianne went home crying. She said that Coby doesn’t want her to join them play outside. She felt really  bad because she said there are no other kids to play with just Coby and Mark (Coby’s friend). I convinced her to just stay inside with me but she insisted on going outside. Soon, she came back sobbing again.

The big brother came home 30 minutes after. I asked him why he wouldn’t let Jianne play with them. He explained that he and Mark were biking towards the street corner and he didn’t want Jianne to go with them. He said, it’s not safe for her to be riding her bike there. “Why was it not safe there?” I asked him again. “Because there are other kids who are not from the neighborhood hanging around at the street corner. I don’t want Jianne to be there. Those kids are strangers,” he answered me. “And that’s too far from the house, I don’t want her to ride back home alone,” he added.

Awww! The big brother was at work that time. He was just protecting her younger sister. He wanted her to be safe.

I commended Coby for being the big brother at that time. I told him that I am proud of what he did and thanked him for looking out for his sister. After that, I explained to Jianne that Coby was only protecting her and wanted her safe.

Towards the evening, I saw Jianne hugging Coby and heard her say,”Thank you Kuya (older brother) for protecting me”. Coby hugged her back and said,”That’s why you listen to me, okay!”

Their relationship now is like cat and dog. Fighting, bickering, arguing over the tiniest thing. But I know when they grow up they would value each other and truly love and respect one another.

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