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Restored Life

restored life

I’ve been a fan of shows that restore old and unusable items, from beat-up classic cars to rusty wrought iron gates. I observe how the pickers (folks who restore vintage items) see the potential and worth of each item they have scavenged from old homes. Depending on the severity of the damage, it would take […] Read more…

The Bleeding Woman: A Woman of Faith


What is faith? Can I still have faith when my situation is hopeless? Should I have faith when my relationships are irreparable? Should I believe that all will be well when a prognosis is n not good? Take heart! No matter how deep the pain, irreconcilable your relationships or terminal your health condition, faith is still […] Read more…

I Regret Going Ahead of God


Have you regretted making hasty decisions? You know, you’ve been contemplating on starting something, going somewhere, spending money on a major item; a major decision that you’ve been considering for a long time. But you figured, “I weighed all my options and I think God is telling me to go ahead and do it.” You’ve […] Read more…

Inspired to Read


I had just finished reading a book by Barbara Hughes, “Disciplines of a Godly Woman”. What a great way to start the year! The book was given to me as a Christmas gift by a sister in the faith and I kept thanking her after just reading the first chapter.  Barbara Hughes is married to […] Read more…