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Knitting for Kids


Our daughter celebrated her 8th birthday last week. This girl has been the countdown to her birthday ever since I celebrated mine last August. Over the months, she has repeatedly told us the gifts she would like to receive, from a new bicycle with a pretty basket to the Minecraft papercrafts. My husband and I […] Read more…

Simplified Homeschool Portfolio


This blog has been quiet the past few weeks. For the majority of us homeschoolers, it’s crunch time. It’s portfolio time. That’s why the kids and I have been busy completing our school year requirements. As their primary teacher my desk is swamped. I have test papers to check, subject output to grade, worksheets to […] Read more…

Move the Body, Awaken the Mind


Reposting an old blog post. I came across this article the other day about why kids fidget in school. According to the writer, studies show that kids who were given time for physical activities were more receptive in class and had their brains “awaken” by the freedom to move. Then, I remembered I had written a […] Read more…

Homeschoolers’ Flag Ceremony


When we started homeschooling three years ago, I thought I could skip teaching my son about our National Anthem.  Although, we have encountered the national symbols including the national anthem in our Social Studies class in Grade 1, I never really took the time to explain to him what the lyrics mean.  Until about last […] Read more…

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