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The Best Gift


Christmas is here! Our kids kept reminding me to get their gifts already. What they don’t know is that I bought their gifts, kept it for a while and wrapped them using ordinary wrapping paper and placed it under the tree. The gifts had to be low-key this year 🙂 What was the best gift […] Read more…

Get a Heart Makeover


If you’ve been reading my posts, I hope that I have been able to impart the encompassing theme of my blog. I have clearly defined my purpose as Christian blogger when I wrote Purpose-driven blog. I’m hoping that you, the reader, could view God differently and learn to love Him and His Word (the Bible). […] Read more…



Hate it when that happens! I was so engrossed on the blog I was writing just now and I finally completed it. Then I found out that I lost my internet connection! I checked my drafts and it wasn’t there! It’s just so unbelievable and frustrating! I poured my whole heart into that blog and […] Read more…

Opposing Emotions


I was emotionally drained last weekend. My husband and I together with my younger brother visited two close relatives who are stricken with a debiliating disease. My uncle, who is in his late 40’s discovered just a few months ago that he is only living on a fourth of his liver. Three-fourths of this organ […] Read more…

Loving the Unlovable


Thursdays are my day off. This is the day I attend my BSF class, which I have been part of for 7 years, I think) and also the time to catch up with friends and most recently, start another bible study group with a group of lady friends. Since it’s my day off, I steer […] Read more…