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School Starts at Home: What You Should Know About Homeschooling


It was a sunny Tuesday morning at the first day of swim camp.  The coach guided the boys and girls to the other side of the pool, while their moms settled on the benches nearby.  One mom initiated a conversation with another mom, “So where does you child go to school?” The mom would then […] Read more…

Finishing Strong


As students from conventional schools are ending their school year this week and next week, Coby is just a few weeks away from completing his third grade. Hopefully, we end just before his 9th birthday, which falls on a Holy Week, again 🙂 I have already expressed in my previous blog that this year has […] Read more…

Move the Body, Awaken the Mind


Reposting an old blog post. I came across this article the other day about why kids fidget in school. According to the writer, studies show that kids who were given time for physical activities were more receptive in class and had their brains “awaken” by the freedom to move. Then, I remembered I had written a […] Read more…

Our Little One Can Read


Homeschooling this year is different than the previous years. Primarily, because I have a new student. Our youngest, Jianne, just entered Kindergarten this school year. I have no idea how to divide my time between a third-grader and a preschooler. But again, I know that if God calls me to do this seemingly impossible task, […] Read more…

How Does Your Child Learn: The Different Learning Styles


Jonah, Katie, and Matthew learn in different ways. All three students have different learning styles. The Science teacher explains the leaf system in class. Jonah, who sits at the back of the class, enjoys Science a lot. He is too eager to learn about how leaves actually make food. The teacher uses visual aids but Jonah […] Read more…

Homeschoolers’ Flag Ceremony


When we started homeschooling three years ago, I thought I could skip teaching my son about our National Anthem.  Although, we have encountered the national symbols including the national anthem in our Social Studies class in Grade 1, I never really took the time to explain to him what the lyrics mean.  Until about last […] Read more…

Why I Love Homeschooling


created Ma 23, 2011Why do I love homeschooling, let me count the ways…I love homeschooling because …it gives my child the flexibility to learn and master a particular lesson before moving on to more complicated lessons without being labelled as slow or lazyit allows my child to explore the world and everything in it without […] Read more…

Math Drills Before School Starts


Created May 19, 2011As I headed to the bookstore last week to get art supplies for my son’s art classes, I was surprised by the long queue and this reminded me that school is just around the corner.  When I got home that afternoon, I heard my 8-year-old arguing with my 4-year-old on whose turn […] Read more…

“Look Ma, No Mess” — How to Preserve your Kids’ Artwork


When you enter your kids’ room, do you open to a room filled not only with toys laying on the floor but of papers filled with your their drawings? How about when you open your favorite notebook or notepad, do you see some pages drawn with cars, stick figure people, flowers or house? How about […] Read more…

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