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I Regret Going Ahead of God


Have you regretted making hasty decisions? You know, you’ve been contemplating on starting something, going somewhere, spending money on a major item; a major decision that you’ve been considering for a long time. But you figured, “I weighed all my options and I think God is telling me to go ahead and do it.” You’ve […] Read more…

Answered Prayer


I have been praying for a specific item for quite some time now. I was unaware that my prayer has already been answered recently until the Lord himself reminded me. You see, I have been asking the Lord to change the heart of my husband regarding a decision we both have to make about the […] Read more…

Where, O’ Where


Back in 2004 or 2005, my husband and I saw an amazing photograph of the New Zealand skyline. It was so magnificent and if remember it right, the caption describes the country as “heaven on earth.” It was also during this time that we decided to try apply as immigrants to that ‘heaven on earth’. […] Read more…

What is God’s Will for Me?


Aside from being a homeschooling mother of two, I am a dentist by profession. No, I was not fascinated with the oral cavity when I was still in pigtails. At 17, I was still unsure if the current course I was enrolled in at that time was the one for me. Nobody gave me sound […] Read more…