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How Motherhood Helped Pursue My Dream

Who would have thought motherhood would help me pursue a dream? At 10 years old, I dreamt of becoming a writer. Our high school counselor suggested I take any of the arts and letters courses, which I did after high school. However, after the second semester, I received a passing grade in a major subject. …

reasons to start journal writing

5 Reasons to Start Journal Writing Now

Journal writing marked my teenage years. My journal became a silent supporter and confidante. It never questioned my words nor my thoughts. Journal writing did a lot to my young soul. In college, I put this practice on hold because I was busy in school. When I committed my life to Christ many years later, …

When I grow up I want to be
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A Hindsight Look at, “What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up”

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grow up? We get asked this question a lot when we were young. Some of us would exclaim, “A doctor!”, “A nurse!”, “A policeman!”, or “A pilot!” Twenty to thirty years later, how many of us are living out that dream today? Hmm, I got …

should I quit blogging
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Should I Quit Blogging?

Yeah, should I quit? I decided to commit to blogging in 2013. Like any love relationship, I want something that’s legit and lasting. I bought my domain name, got a friend to manage my site, and hired a brilliant creative, Rhiza Oyos, to set up my site. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship …

Mistakes no more
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When it’s No Longer a Mistake

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” ― Elbert Hubbard Two Saturdays ago was one of the best days in my writing life. Beng Alba, my author-friend, invited me to the Project Author Workshop by Mr. Ardy Roberto. It was also about the same time that …


Shifting Seasons, Shifting Careers

What season of life are you in now? Are you contemplating on shifting careers?  Is there a business proposal you are seriously considering?  Do have a toddler who zaps your energy or a teenager who never responds to your text messages? Whatever season you are in now, breathe and just take it all in. In …

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Dear Writer…What Did You Say?

I can still remember the advice of my author-friend years ago, “If you want to be a good writer who have to be a good reader. You have to love reading.” And I do. It started with the Nancy Drew detective stories penned by Carolyn Keene to lengthy novels and straightforward non-fiction books. The simplicity …

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Inspirited Mom at the OMF Book Launch

I love books. I love books that inspire, push me out of my comfort zone and help me in walk with God. OMF Literature Publications has been doing that for the last 57 years. Ever since I was introduced to the books written by Christian authors, I have become a loyal supporter of OMF. My …


Who is Mr. Write?

If I could incarnate my relationship with writing, I would call him Mr. Write and here is our love story. I have to confess, Mr. Write has been and will always be my first love. Since the day I discovered him, I was smitten and drawn instantly. His eyes speak volumes. He knows what’s on …


Room Full of Writers

When do you call yourself a writer? This was question I wanted to ask at the Christian Writers Fellowship (CWF)organized by OMF Literature. I was invited to this quarterly get-together by my friend, Beng Alba, who spoke for the last time before she says ‘I do’ to her fiancée Darren, who is from the U.S. …