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To Multi-task or Not to Multi-task

Women, or more precisely, moms have been known to be great at the science of multitasking.  I for one has succumb to the call of the times to do hundreds of things all at the same time.  In my pursuit to juggle the daunting task of raising kids, managing a household, loving a husband, not …


The Gift of Offsprings

When I started homeschooling our first child, Jacob Gabriel or Coby, I wanted to quit right away.  I  knew that it’s not going to be that easy but I thought I could handle it well.  But I was wrong.  I knew my husband and I prayed about this but how come it’s sooo hard! But …


Face the Book

I can’t even remember the day I signed up for Facebook.  I have heard of it through my sister in law who at that time had 200 or so Facebook friends.  Friendster was the in thing that time as well as Multiply.  Of course, I had to maintain my own accounts on those two social …